Metal Lathes

The Melbourne Makerspace has two small metal lathes.

Taig lathe

The Makerspace has a small Taig lathe, approximately 3.5" x 8" capacity. This lathe is in operable condition and has a reasonable set of tooling. It would benefit from some work.

  • the motor mount doesn’t maintain belt tension very well, so it contributes some vibration.
  • the motor needs an on/off switch and a grounded plug

Atlas lathe

The Makerspace has an Atlas 6x18 lathe, with a very minimal set of tooling. The lathe seems to be in basically sound condition, without excessive wear on the ways or sliding parts, but is not operable. It has been cleaned and wiped down with way oil on the bearing surfaces and the spindle oil cups filled with spindle oil (they seem to drain freely, which is a good sign.)

  • The motor wiring and switch needs to re-done
  • It’s missing the drive belt
  • It’s missing most of the change gears, except the ones currently mounted on the banjo
  • The four-way tool post on it has been sprung and really isn’t usable
  • The nuts for the cross-slide leadscrew and the top-slide leadscrew are very worn
  • One of the spindle oil-cups has stripped threads
  • The retaining nut for the top-slide handwheel is missing
  • The set-screw for the top-slide leadscrew nut is missing
  • The only work holding option is a single three jaw chuck

At a minimum, we need to re-do the wiring, find a drive belt and figure out how to mount it (I can’t find link-belts to fit, we probably need to remove the spindle to replace the belt), and make or find a suitable toolpost.