Facility Matters

#Purpose This page is for posting facility issues to include equipment status (state of repair), shop rules, floor plan, wants/needs, vision and improvements.

#Emergency Contact Info Landlord: Boozer Properties 4885 N. Wickham RD STE 106 Melbourne, FL 32940-8305 724-9999 x 10

James Dinsmore 321-205-6033 jamesdinsmore_32907@yahoo.com

#Floor Plan


#Equipment Status

Laser Cutter Status: Awaiting re-alignment

3D Printer #2: Makerbot Replicator 2 - Rebuilt extruder 6/8. Printing perfectly.

3D Printer #1: Working

CNC #1: Operational but may require adjustment.

CNC:#2: requires software / setup.

#Shop Rules

Return tools to their proper location (at best, at least as organized as you found them) Consolidate and mark your personal projects (box them). Leave center tables cleared off before you leave for the day.

#Needs/Wants/Handy Person Tasks

  • Several UPS systems for 3D printers and CNC machines.
  • Small UPS for RFID door pi equipment.
  • UPS for internet router and modem.
  • Mount fire extinguishers
  • Seal top of garage door to save AC
  • Purge junk, get people to label their projects
  • Set up reception area in vestibule
  • Need a chem cabinet for growing number of bottles of chemicals in room


To make a mobile test rack/cart so that test equipment may be separated from soldering stations and can be rolled to where people are working rather than having to move the work to a crowded soldering bench.

#Resources for Builders

image - We have lots of computer parts!