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To create a viable community and work environment for those who enjoy working on various types of projects. These projects may range from electronics, arts, engineering, coding and fabrication. Creating and a modifying items to generate a new or better form is our passion.

What is a Makerspace

A Makerspace, also referred to as a Hackerspace, is a laboratory of sorts for a community of people who are interested in designing things, learning new stuff, and generally being creative! Makerspaces have a set of community-owned tools to share involving elements of a machine shop, woodworking tools, electronics equipment, and other fabrication devices. They also host classes and events to help encourage people to enjoy learning and creating. Many members typically join to work on individual projects while being able to ask others about their insight on a subject and use tools that otherwise would be out of reach to a typical hobbyist. It’s a great chance to meet other people who share these interests, and expand your own skills.

Visit the Space

Feel free to drop by the space (see How to Find Us). The space is only open to the public when members are present. The best times to visit are during our weekly open hours: listed on our Meetup site. A 3 minute video of the feature of our Makerspace(



Meetings (Board member and member)

Requests for equipment / volunteers

Upcoming Events


Rules, By-Laws and Membership

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