Metal Shop

Lathe: Atlas 618

The Makerspace has an Atlas 618 lathe, with a minimal set of tooling. It came to us missing most of the change gears and with worn-out half nuts. Replacement parts for this are in hand, but screw-cutting capability is pending until the maintenance crew can find time to spend some time getting the parts installed and set up.

For workholding, we have a 4" 3-jaw chuck with one set of jaws (no outside jaw set.) We also have two shop-made faceplates.

For tool-holding, we have a small aluminum QC toolpost. It’s not as rigid as could be hoped for, a shop-made steel 4-way toolpost is a work in progress.


  • 4-jaw chuck
  • 0XA QC toolpost
  • 3-jaw chuck with both jaw sets or with reversible jaws

Jet Mill/Drill

The Makerspace has a Jet JMD-18 mill/drill, with a reasonably complete set of tooling.

Bandsaw: Harbor Freight 4x6 Horizontal Bandsaw

Welder: Century 160 Mig Wire Feed Welder