Metal Shop

Lathe: Enco 9x20

30 May 2021 The 9x20 lathe is temporarily off-line with motor because the motor has failed. If anyone’s got a lead on a decent 1/2 to 3/4 horse motor, 120V single phase, 1800 RPM, reversible, I’d like to know. It’s a NEMA 56 mounting, I think it’s got a funky shaft (it looks a bit undersize for the NEMA 56 standard) but the pulley could be sleeved or bored to accommodate a NEMA 56 standard.

This is one of the fairly ubiquitous import 9x20 lathes. There’s plenty of documentation on the internet example. We have a reasonably complete set of tooling, including: - 4" 3-jaw self-centering chuck, with inside and outside jaws (!) - 8" 4-jaw independent chuck - 7.5" faceplate - Steady rest - Follower rest - 4-way toolpost - Dorian AXA quick-change toolpost - Tailstock chuck - Live and dead centers

The 9x20 is a fairly competent small lathe. It’s got a half of a quick change gear box–there are 9 QC settings, but to get the full range of 27 English and 18 Metric threads, as well as two power feed speeds, takes some manual gear swaps. It cannot do left-hand threads, and there’s no backgear or power cross-feed (common features on some larger lathes). The lathe is in very good shape, except that the tailstock handwheel has been previously broken and imperfectly repaired, so the tailstock travel isn’t graduated, nor is there as much travel as there should be.

A good reference for the 9x20 lathes is Colin Feaver’s Introduction to 9x20 Lathe Operations.


  • 5/16" tool bits, HSS
  • 5/16" inserted carbide tool bits (CCMT or TCMT)
  • AXA QC toolholders (we have a mongrel collection of QC toolholders, most of them seem to be BXA for the Smithy)
  • Lathe dog

Jet Mill/Drill

The Makerspace has a Jet JMD-18 mill/drill, with a reasonably complete set of tooling. We have a collets, a fly cutter, drill chuck, 6" mill vise, a tilting rotary table, 6" parallel set, and plenty of clamps for holding work directly on the mill table.


  • HSS end mills 3/8" and smaller (we have a decent, albeit motley, collection of larger ones, but few small ones)
  • Dovetail cutter
  • Ball end mills
  • A small mill vise suitable for mounting on the tilt

Lathe: Smithy 1220XL LTD

We have one of the small Smithy 3-in-1 machines, also with a fairly complete set of tooling: 3-jaw and 4-jaw chucks, compound slide, steady rest, follower rest, and complete set of change gears. We have the stock 4-way toolpost and a AXA quick-change toolpost. For milling, we have a small vise, drill chuck, a face mill, and a 3/8" end mill holders.

The Smithy is in pretty good shape. It does have one broken handwheel, on the longitudinal feed. It’s been sort of repaired, but the repair precludes using the micrometer collar, so we’ve lost graduated motion for the x-axis for milling. This isn’t high priority for repair since the Jet machine is available for milling operations.


  • 5/16" tool bits, HSS
  • 5/16" inserted carbide tool bits (CCMT or TCMT)
  • AXA QC toolholders (we have a very mongrel collection of QC toolholders)

Bandsaw: Harbor Freight 4x6 Horizontal Bandsaw

Welder: Century 160 Mig Wire Feed Welder

It’s set up with 0.030" ER70S wire and CO2/Ar gas.

Lathe: Atlas 618

The Atlas 618 lathe has been mothballed for the time being, because we got the two other lathes.