Makerbot Replicator 2

It’s working now! Thanks Tony!

Instructions for use:

  1. Make sure to put down a single layer of blue painter’s tape on the bed if not there already. If using the super wide blue tape just put a single piece across the center of the glass bed plate. If using narrower tape, each strip should not overlap if possible and should be as close together as you can get it. The bed unsnaps from the bed holder with little black tabs on the front and back.
  2. Use alcohol and paper towel to wipe your hand oil off of the blue tape.
  3. Use Makerbot Desktop software to set up your print the way you want it to print. Use the autolayout option for a fast setup. Print to file and save your file on the SD card in the replicator. It uses a press-to-eject mechanism for the SD card slot in the front of the makerbot.
  4. To change the filament for a different color press the M button on the front of the replicator. Move the arrow down to the Utilities menu and press M. Then move down to Change Filament and press M. Choose Unload and follow the on screen directions. Roll up the old filament onto its spool and put it away in a zip lock back with silica gel packs. Put the new spool on the holder in the back of the printer and feed it through the guide tube. Move the arrow on the screen to Load and press M. Follow the directions on screen. Once it has poured a pile of filament through press M to stop and stick the guide tube gently back into the top of the extruder head. Scrape away the pile of extruded filament using the scraper tools.
  5. To move back to previous menus on the replicator use the left arrow button. Do this to get back to the main menu.
  6. Move up to the first item in the list and select Build from SD.
  7. Move down to select your file you copied to the SD card. Note that the arrow turns into a carat “^” at the first or last item in the list to show that one is selected while the middle items will be highlighted with a “>” character.
  8. As soon as you press the M button on your file it will immediately begin to heat the extruder and start printing.
  9. Wait at least 10 or 15 minutes to make sure it is printing OK before you walk away and let it finish. It will usually mess up within that first few layers of the print if it doesn’t stick to the bed or if the bed is not level and you see either gaps between the lines it prints or the lines are piled up like little, round logs.

To remove your print at the end you can detach the bed with the little black clips on the front and back of the bed and just pull the tape off then pull the tape off of your printed piece. Or you can use the compressed air can trick: hold the can upside down and spray the bottom of your print to get it to release. Be careful not to spray yourself with it as this could cause frostbite!

3D printer etiquette: if you mess up or remove the blue tape from the bed you should replace it before you leave.

Link to user manual :