As our space grows, it is inevitable that there will be needs that we have or requests to improve our space.

This wiki page will act as a place where you can request something for the space. This can be a piece of equipment, or a task that needs a volunteer.

We have generous members both in terms of time and funding. Every little bit helps us to improve our Makerspace.

Please follow this template:

Donation Box

Box is complete. Now requires painting and decorating with mario coins and zelda rupees! It would be nice to have a donation box so that non-members who attend events can contribute if they want to. Requesting a volunteer to build or donate a lock box that can be wall mounted to accept donations.

Proposed by Tony Bellomo

Cost Estimate - <$25 (if a piece of equipment or other supply, list the price)

Volunteer(s) - Joshua Pritt, Eugene Wade, [other names here]

Donation Pledge(s) - $20(Tony Bellomo), $5(Joshua Pritt)

#Used Material Donation(s) Spare things from our closets that our MakerSpace could use (we do not need to purchase everything; many of us have a surplus of cables, accessories, duplicate tools that could be donated for the common good)

Needed: Cables: VGA, USB-to-micro, USB-to-mini, USB to big clunky Arduino (USB A/B); old routers, amplified speakers, CAT5/6 cables

Proposed by James Dinsmore

#Cubify Design A 3D parametric CAD design program, shamelessly ripped off from Solidworks :)


A copy of Cubify Design would be perfect for those wanting to design things to print out with the 3D printer. I have a personal copy and have been using it since long before they were bought out from Geomagic / Alibre. Unfortunately my license doesn’t allow me to load a second copy at the makerspace.

It’s only 200 bucks and has all the basic functionality that you’d expect from a . , and . Unlike open-source CAD programs,


  • Relatively cheap, only $199

  • Extremely easy to use. Low learning curve for beginners

  • Stable, not crashy or buggy from my years of experience with it.

  • Has all the functionality of solid parametric CAD program like SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, or CATIA, with none of the frills that make those programs expensive.

  • It allows you to make assemblies with multiple parts, and place constraints on those parts to allow motion (think pistons moving in an engine, or a complex linkage system).

  • It also allows you to generate 2d prints and dimension them, and will update the print if the design changes.


  • Windows only :(

  • Not open source :(

Proposed by Neil Jansen

Cost Estimate - $199

Volunteer(s) - Neil [other names here]

Donation Pledge(s) -

V-Carve Pro

The Makerspace should ideally have a nice CAM program to take 2D and 3D models, and convert them to machine code for the ShapeOko CNC milling machine. There are open-source CAM programs out there, but they are generally not as easy to use as the more expensive programs like V-Carve and MasterCAM. Obviously $600 is a lot of money to throw around, so consider this item a long-term goal :)



Proposed by Neil Jansen and Tony Bellomo

Cost Estimate - $599 for V-Carve pro. Or $149 for Cut2D, or $299 for Cut3D.

Volunteer(s) - [other names here]

Donation Pledge(s) -