Friday Fest 2015-05-08

Instructions for Friday,May 8th Friday Fest (Make sure you bring matting to cover your cords!)

  • Your Location
  • Attached please find the vendor location list and map. Please keep in mind that we have tried our best to accommodate everyone’s location requests.
  • These spots are FIRM for this month’s event, if you would like a different location next month, do not tell us the day of the event. We won’t remember. You must email it along with your confirmation the next month, this is the only way to ensure that we get it.

  • Setting Up

  • Streets close at 4pm, so please do not come earlier than 4:30pm to start setting up as there will be MANY cars still on the footprint. If you know that your set up takes 30 minutes or less, we ask that you do not begin setting up until 5pm so that there is not a traffic jam from vendor setups and cars being cleared. Please be patient and understanding - we will get it all done and ready for kick-off by 6:00pm. Thanks for your understanding in advance.

  • Pods are marked on the street and correspond to the map, if you have any questions when you get here, feel free to flag down one of the volunteers.

** Important instructions for Friday:

  • YOU MUST CHECK IN AT OUR OFFICE prior to set up, regardless if you have paid in advance.
  • You may check in and pay at the MMS office starting at 4:00pm. The office is located at 1908 Municipal Avenue. Receipts will be available for those paying on the day of - please bring cash or check.
  • For ease of registration, please park in the City Hall Parking Lot or near your vendor space and walk to the Melbourne Main Street Office.
  • Once the streets are CLEARED, vendors can begin set-up. Please be patient with us, as we are trying our best to get the cars out of the way and be as organized as possible.

  • Pods WILL BE MARKED bearing the number and letter of your pod (A, B, C…etc..)

  • When you pull up to your pod location, please unload your tent and items onto the sidewalk near your pod and then MOVE your vehicle OFF the street. Please do NOT set-up your entire booth while your vehicle remains on the street. We will have volunteers to watch your items while you move your vehicle.

  • Volunteers will be wearing Aqua Blue T-Shirts with the words “Melbourne Main Street Volunteer”. They are here to help YOU and make the event awesome.
  • Be sure to bring your rubber matting as described in the rules for you to cover all cords at the event.

  • Power

  • The power outlets are located in every other light pole along the street. In order to better supply power to the pods, we ask that you coordinate with the other people in your pod and ‘pool’ all of your power chords to the center via a power strip and then simply use one extension cord to travel across the street to the outlet. This will cause easier coordination amongst the vendors as well as with Main Street

  • Due to the circuits being overloaded, the city electrician has asked that vendors refrain from bringing flood light bulbs, as they require a great deal of electric. Please troy to bring low energy using bulbs if you can.

  • Driving onto the footprint:
  • If you are in pods A-D, you can access the footprint via Depot Road (East of the railroad tracks) or from E. New Haven, east of the railroad tracks.

  • If you are in pods E - J you can access these pods from Municipal Lane

  • If you are in pods K - O, you can access the footprint via Vernon Place
  • If you are in pods P-R, you can access the footprint via Waverly

Please help us alleviate traffic congestion on Municipal Lane by using these additional, convenient access points.

If you have any questions, please email or call the office 321-724-1741.

For those companies setting up near Jaycon in the “Tech” Pitch Series area, you have not been assigned, but will be in pod locations U, V, W, or X and will get an assignment when you get there tomorrow.

We are looking forward to having you all come out this month, see you tomorrow! Lacey Your Friday Fest Coordinator