MMS Workshop Instructors

Place holder for instructor listings. Please be patient as we assemble instructors for emerging workshops. If you would like to volunteer to instruct a workshop please do so in discussion! Thank you.

#Guidelines for Setting Up a Class

First, THANK YOU! Our desire is to have every member share their knowledge, experience and ideas to make our community active and dynamic. Classes are a big part of that.

Brainstorm with your friends at the MakerSpace to flesh out the concept and possibly improve it and to enlist helpers.

Determine if there are attendee costs; such as lab materials, components, or other consumables and include that in your posting. Also state whether they need to bring their own equipment (laptop, Arduino, Pi, etc.)

Offer your class on [link]; if more than 3 people sign up it is a go.

Promote your class through social media, on Google +, in many conversations.

If you intend to hold identical sessions (like on Saturday morning and Monday evening) make 2 separate sign-ups so it is clear when people plan to attend.

If your location is somewhere other than the MakerSpace, include a map and clear directions. Make sure the other facility has required things (like video projector, wifi, Internet access, power strips, etc.)

Arrive 1 hour early to set up at the MakerSpace. Distribute chairs, arrange tables, empty trash, straighten up if necessary. It is ALL on YOU. A day or two before the class refill the fridge with sodas.