How to add a project page


To quickly create a project page in the “projects” category and in the /projects folder for organizational purposes follow these steps:

  1. Copy this text (three hyphens on top, three periods on bottom all aligned to the very left of the page):

title: Your Project Title
toc: false
categories: projects

  1. Type in the page you want it to be in a new tab or browser window so that it’s always /projects/yourprojectname.
    1. Example: (if your project was about a sumo bot.)
  2. It will show that page doesn’t exist but “You may create the page by clicking here.” Click on that “clicking here” link to create it.
  3. Paste in that text you copied in step 1 into the top of your page. Change “Your Project Title” to the title you want to show as the title.
    1. Change toc: true if you want it to show a table of contents links at the top for a project with lots of sections and headers.
    2. Leave the categories set to projects so it will show up in the list of pages in the projects category.
  4. Create the rest of your project page with sections and images to best explain it as you want!
  5. Type in a description of your changes in the small text box at the bottom such as “initial creation” or “fixed some typos”.
  6. Save your changes and you’re done!