New Member Onboarding Checklist

#Things to do when a person says they want to be a member

Have them fill out the Online Application Form

Candidate members are required to attend Melbourne Makerspace on three (3) separate days. It is prefered that they attend on event days (open house, show and tell, game night), however this is not required. Our intent is to get to know the candidate and allow them to get to know us.

On their third attendance, a Melbourne Makerspace staff member will:

  1. Verify their ID with the information supplied on the membership application form.
  2. Have them process their credit card payment. This is done on the Contacts page.
  3. Take picture of new member. Publish new member notification on Melbourne Makerspace web page.
  4. Create user account in Seltzer CRM.
  5. Issue RFID card:
    1. Give new member RFID card.
    2. Walk them out to ACON. Show them how ACON works. Ensure they know rules of operations.
    3. Have them scan their RFID card. Verify that it fails to grant access.
    4. Capture the RFID card number from the invalid RFID notification email sent to admin.
    5. Update Seltzer CRM Member -> Keys to add RFID serial number (SERIAL field) and last numbers written on front of card (after the last comma) into the SLOT field.
    6. Ask new member to verify its operation.
  6. Give new member combination to inner door lock.
  7. Offer them a T-shirt.
  8. Offer them a hat.
  9. Explain about soda pop / snack operations.
  10. Give them a member storage box (if they need it).
  11. Give them any safety information like location of fire extinguishers and first aid kits.
  12. Show them the Bylaws and Standing Rules.
  13. Add them to the Google Group Email List members only email list.
  14. Add them to the Google Hangout, “Melbourne Makerspace” member only hangout.
  15. Get them to request a login on the wiki.
  16. Show them how to add their projects or any other page on the wiki.

Now the candidate is a member. So make something…