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My skills are mostly in software (PHP, Java, PERL, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, C#, VB6, VB.NET) but if you need an extra pair of hands on any project let me know. I worked at Circuit City in Anniston, AL from 1998-2001 selling computers to the general public and explaining what they needed in order to do what they wanted. I received my BS in Computer Science with concentration in Information Systems and a minor in Business from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL back in 2003. I had an IT job on campus with 3 of my high school friends for the Aerospace Development Center (ADC) and its child company the Alabama Aerospace Teachers’ Association (AATA) from 2001 - 2004 where I was a network admin, systems admin, software engineer, and web developer (including light graphic design) using PHP on a LAMP server. So I’ve drilled holes to run CAT5 cables, crimped the connectors, and maintained the network security for those 20 users. I’ve installed and maintained a Microsoft Exchange server (sheer joy), a Microsoft Project server, and made sure all 20 users had email and internet access so they could work. I also created a voting script in PERL for AATA so they could nominate and vote on their board members (pres, vice pres, sec, treas, etc.) all online using one time use user/passwords. Our last big project there was to replace all of their paper documents with online forms all saved and stored through the custom intranet my two high school friends and I built using PHP on a LAMP server with some fancy javascript up front. My first job out of college was in Huntsville, AL for Telcordia in the Tower at 7800 building on Madison Blvd by Wyle Labs from 2004-2009. It was similar to my current job in that I customized the Network Engineer product for telco customers so they could manage their copper and fiber lines and equipment on a map with GIS (using ESRI’s ArcGIS software suite). My 9-5 Mon-Fri job is for Schneider Electric customizing our ArcFM software for utility companies (gas, water, and electric - mostly electric) to plan and monitor their facilities and equipment out in the field on a map (they are a Microsoft shop so I mostly use C#). The plan is to start getting more heavily invested in our Smart Grid and SCADA / DMS software so power companies can click on a switch on the map and tell it to open or close and it will. ArcFM Product Overview I add new buttons and forms and standalone exe’s for each customer to better fit their workflows or replace old systems with a new report or form that uses the GIS data in their new system. So after building it and testing it all on our machines they fly me out to their HQ to set it all up and install it all and help them test it on site. I got lucky because Telvent HQ is in Ft. Collins, CO but they let me work from my house just as I had dreamed back in high school. Let me know through email if I need to be at the shop to help you on your projects when you’ll be there. I try to log in to the member google hangout every day but email will go to my phone and is the best way to reach me. I look forward to helping out on projects and starting a few of my own.


  • Android programming
  • Windows programming
  • Server and client side web programming (PHP and javascript)
  • Python programming
  • Arduino programming
  • Robotics
  • A little bit of Linux
  • Some soldering skills
  • 100+ hours on the laser cutter
  • Graphic design (, Inkscape)
  • CAD (, FreeCAD, Sketchup, 123D Design)
  • Made a few instructables
  • Raspberry Pi
  • A little woodworking

Complete Projects

Incomplete Projects

  • Crowdsourced DJ - fully automatic DJ that listens to the audience!
  • Smart Sprinkler - only water your lawn/garden if it really needs it.
  • Electric can crusher - automatically crush cans for easier recycling.
  • Serious Chair - for gaming and office work. Seriously.
  • Mech Sim - sim cockpit for mechwarrior/airplane simulator games.
  • DIY J1772 EV Charger - DIY electric vehicle charging station.
  • Manned Multicopter - multirotor drone big enough to carry a person.
  • Self Scoring Cornhole Board - it keeps score so you don’t have to!
  • Radio Station Dialer App - to easily call the radio station you’re listening to on the phone.
  • Personal Life Recorder - it remembers everything so you don’t have to.
  • 3D Printer Kiosk - make the UI even easier with simple options for the user to quickly print their item.
  • Web Enabled Crane Game - play a crane game over the web where the money/toys go to charity/children’s hospitals!
  • Table Button - Press a button on your table to summon your waiter/waitress via their associated pager.
  • VR Copter - drone with FPV combined with head motion matched pan tilt and simple controls via 3D puck mouse.
  • Coding Class - programming 101 for anyone at any age at any level.
  • Open Source Saturdays - spend an hour or two each Saturday to help with your favorite open source project.
  • Alcoholic Vaporizer - breathe in alcohol vapors instead of drinking it. 21+
  • Dog Treat Dispenser - send your dog an email to give them a treat, you get a reply from them with a picture of them eating it and a thank you!
  • Coke Rewards Points App - some sort of way to OCR the code from the coke bottle lids instead of typing them in.
  • ArcLEAP Interface - use the LEAP motion controller to create intuitive gesture controls for ArcGIS.
  • Cyclops Visor - real working X-Men Cyclops visor with lasers!
  • Hackerspace Hive - leverage the skills of every hackerspace on the planet to work on a single project at once!
  • Raspberry Pi Lab - a turn key, computer lab all in one box of parts that can be set up in a few minutes at a low cost.
  • DIY DDR - make your own Dance Dance Revolution pad as awesome as you’d like it.

Projects I’ve helped others with

  • LED Water Wall - spray, wipe, or splash on water to light up the LEDs to “paint with light”.

Makers Local 256 Huntsville Member Page

Go here to look at my member page on the wiki for my previous hackerspace in Huntsville, AL. Makers Local 256 Wiki User: Ramgarden


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